Treasure Valley Canopy Analysis Project

Training Information

  1. Treasure Valley Project Data and Tools
  2. Training Agenda (coming soon)
  3. Click here to create an account at Placeways to download Community Viz Scenario 360
    1. Once you create an account, click on the download link and select the file for the version of ArcGIS you have.
    2. If you have ArcGIS 10.0 and are running Windows XP, click here for the appropriate XP installer file once you are logged into your account.

Geospatial Analysis

  1.  Plan-it Geo's Proposal (awarded) (5 MB)
  2. Geospaital Analysis Request for Propoasls (1 MB)

12-9-11 Meeting Documents

  1. 2011 Treasure Valley Study Area Map (5 MB)
  2. 2011 Treasure Valley i-Eco Summary Report (1 MB)
  3. 2011 City of Renton Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) Report (19 MB)
  4. Treasure Valley I-Eco Results--I-Tree files (22 MB)

  1. If you have not yet installed i-Tree, you can download or order a CD from Once you have the software installed, you will want to check for and install any updates. Do this by opening the i-Tree program and clicking on Help, then Check for Updates. There may be a number of these listed. Follow the instructions for loading the updates. Note that depending on the file sizes (shown in the table--and which can be very large), this may take some time. Be patient and just let it do its thing.
  2. Unzip the Treasure Valley I-Eco Results files #3 above into the c:/Program Files/i-Tree/Eco/ sub-directory.
  3. Once you have the latest version, open i-Tree, click on FileàOpen Project and navigate to the directory in which you unzipped the files and select 2011_Treasure_Valley_Canopy.iEco.

a.       The software will prompt you to select the input database--select 2011_Treasure_Valley_Canopy_Input.mdb.

b.      Then, it will prompt you to select the estimate database. Select 2011_Treasure_Valley_Canopy_Report.mdb.

c.       Then click open.

4.     To view the results, you can click on either Reports -> Charts—or Results -> Tables and select what you want to look at. There is a lot of information listed here, and it will take some time just to get a feel for what all is here. Most tables can be exported to PDF or Excel format for further analysis. Note that for most of these you can select Metric or English measurements. For the air quality data under Charts, you can select each pollutant and look at hourly data for a wide variety of temperature, rainfall, air pollutant concentration and the impact of the trees and shrubs on that pollutant. Using the zoom tool, you can see this information for any time frame, including hourly.

Let me know if you have any problems opening the project.

Project Specific Information

  1. 3-24-2009 Initial Planning Meeting Notes (238 KB)
  2. Treasure Valley Canopy Analysis Grant Proposal (funded) (97 KB)
  3. 9-23-2010 Core Implementation Team meeting agenda (72 KB)
  4. January 2011 - Data Needs Table (22 KB)
  5. Project Contact List (71 KB)
  6. Benefits to Living in the City of Trees (Idaho Statesman Article on Boise STRATUM project) (420 KB)
  7. Geospatial Canopy Analysis Request for Proposal (RFP) (~1 MB)
  8. Managing an i-Eco project based on Treasure Valley project experiences (1.3 MB)
  9. iTree Eco Dot Grid Reference and spreadsheet (22 KB)

PowerPoint Presentations

  1. 01-25-13 INLA presentation-zipped (51 MB)
  2. 3-24-2009 Initial Planning Meeting Presentation (30 MB)
  3. 3-24-2009 Presentation Notes (340 KB)
  4. 11-25-2010 Idaho Power / Idaho DEQ Presentation (20 MB-PPS 2007)
  5. 1-5-2011 Canyon County Spatial Data Cooperative Presentation (35 MB)
  6. 10-13-2011_ Presentation at Idaho Chapter American Planning Association Conference (26 MB)
  7. 1-19-13 Presentation on Treasure Valley I-Eco results at Idaho Horticulture Expo (30 MB)

Project References

  1. Boise STRATUM Report (1.4 MB)
  2. Temperate Interior West Tree Guide (3.7 MB)
  3. CITYgreen Brochure (562 KB)
  4. I-Eco White Paper (1.4 MB)
  5. I-Tree Suite Information (663 KB)
  6. Why i-Tree? (2.1 MB)
  7. Temperate Interior West Brochure (Web and Printer versions (9 MB)

Additional Information

  1. Renton, Washington Urban Tree Canopy Study (20 MB)
  2. Rathdrum Prairie Canopy Analysis RFP (1.5 MB)
  3. Rathdrum Prairie Canopy Analysis Final Report (2.1 MB)
  4. Assessing the Benefits of Urban Tree Canopy (2-page Rathdrum Prairie Project Summary) (2.3 MB)
  5. Trees Can Save Some Green (Spokesman Review Article on Rathdrum Prairie Canopy Analysis) (159 KB)
  6. Cities are Learning the Many Benefits of Urban Forestry Programs (794 KB)

Contact Information

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